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Best Restaurants in every State

Best Restaurants in every State What were the Best Restaurants in every State in 2017? Here is a complete list of best restaurants in every state. Best restaurants were selected by list of awards, expert reviews, recommendations and local ratings. Every business owner should visit the best restaurant in their state and see what they are doing [...]

Top Restaurants by Sales

Top Restaurants by Sales Here is a list of Top Restaurants by sales in 2017. Restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, California and Florida have the largest sales. Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas is making the most in revenue - $47,000,000 with average check size of $70. Average check size in top restaurants: New York - $73 [...]

Restaurant Failure Rate

What is the Restaurant Failure Rate? Restaurant Failure Rate Restaurant failure rate is 70% for restaurants younger than 10 years. It is necessary to understand why many restaurant startups fail and what you can do, to avoid failure. Common restaurant failure rate myth is that 90% of restaurant startups fail, but this number has been exaggerated by [...]

Best States for Opening a Restaurant

Best States for Opening a Restaurant Number of Restaurant in States Where to open a restaurant? What is the best state for opening a restaurant? Questions such as these are common when deciding a new location for your restaurant. There are over 616,008 restaurants in United States. It is hard to pick the best location for opening [...]